Here's How it Works



Patients can match with healthcare providers...


Who have similar interests and fit their needs...

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Without disclosing potentially
information like race or sexuality


Tailor Patient Matching

Patients complete questionnaires with their preferences based on what they feel is needed in their health providers. Our algorithms will then help match patients with providers based on the patient's desired criteria

Telehealth Services

Secure patient-provider visits done right on the app, which allows patients to schedule and complete video or messaging calls from the convenience of their phones.

Best Physicians for Your Care

Providers can take implicit bias trainings, amongst other courses, to receive badges on their profiles once completed

"Behind-the-Veil" Option

Patients can choose to share their identity OR hide it when doing initial provider matching. Those who choose to veil their identities can reduce the potential for implicit biases that health providers may have before providing care